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Any call for digital transformation relies on a shift in mindsets and skill sets, more than the use of the latest technology. How do we foster innovative thinking within our organizations? What skills do we need for the future state of our industries, and how do we build resilience within our teams so we can keep adapting to future ‘new normal’ scenarios?

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As advances in technology continue to make work more efficient, we’re called upon to answer tougher challenges and solve bigger problems. At the same time, as we develop more advanced technology, how do we ensure that it serves humanity and not the other way around? In our work as marketers, how do we bring back the primacy of insight and understanding of human behavior beyond collecting data points?

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Whether we’re talking about the on-demand economy, the sharing economy, or the experience economy, the undeniable leaders are the platforms that have emerged, which have transformed business models and industries. In this track, listen to startup founders and innovative companies as they share their approach to growth, leadership, customer acquisition, and operations.



Design helps us create products and services that solve underlying pain points, and it is always rooted in culture. Design also plays a big role in creating the overall experience of a brand – from how it is discovered, bought, used, and how its customers can get support. In this track, learn from problem solvers and culture shapers  on how to design better solutions and delightful experiences.

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As we seek business reinvention in the new normal, it requires both a bold vision for the future, and rediscovering our brand’s purpose. Learn from visionaries and changemakers who have transformed and are seeking to transform the way we live  and run our businesses in an OMNI world.